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Sunday, December 28, 2008

There is ALWAYS a Payday !!

Well that did it! I know perfectly well how many hundreds of thousands of calories I've
consumed in the past two months but that didn't keep some cyber chick from letting me know in no uncertain terms that I am overweight and have no balance. Where are these feelings of animosity coming from?? Well, I set up my Wii Fit, followed the directions to a tee, stepped on that little balancing jasper and knew I was in trouble when it sighed....yes it did - I heard it. Then it started processing my BMI which stands for body mass index which apparently I have too much of. I knew I shouldn't have eaten that last tamale....and all it's friends .....and the last loaf of pumpkin bread, spiced pecans, chocolate candy, chili con queso.... need I go on?? Have I confessed enough??? Okay then, there was the guacamole dip.... with chips, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, ham, homemade rolls, and other goodies too numerous to mention. It is the holidays for crying out loud.....and I am. Not to worry, I have started a diet and plan on being ten pounds lighter by my 46th birthday which is January 27th.

This is my partner in crime. Don't let her size fool you. You can tell she was caught red handed!

After we got this horendous mess under control, she wanted to help her Mamaw try out the new wheelborrow.

Once again, she is more concerned with being fashionable than helpful. Oh well, since I am the one who is fat and unbalanced, it didn't hurt me to haul her around awhile.

After a long day of doing pretty much whatever she wanted, a bath is a must!! We just almost threw the baby out with the bath water. Lucky for her she's so cute.....

Well it's bedtime.....yeah she looks like she's ready to go to bed!! Mamaw is.....cause she's fat and unbalanced. I'll get over it...I'm not going to let some cyber chick ruin my day. I'll show her....just wait. Till next time, adios.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Whew.....Me Too!!

As I sit here choking down the last of the tamales, I can't help being thankful the holidays are almost over. It's always kind of a letdown after the presents are all opened, the anticipation of Santa Clause is a memory, and the tree taken down, that all the months of preparation, baking, shopping and such is......just over. And for me, it's hard to combine the hoopla of Santa Clause and decorating with the holiness of our Savior's birth. I just don't know how to do it all and feel good about it afterwards. I always vow that the next year will be different but it never is. I wish I could separate the two and celebrate them separately somehow. Anyhoo, it's a done deal and now I'm fixing to figure out how this Wii Fit game I got for Christmas is going to work out. Of course, I do believe I'm the one who is supposed to do the working out....maybe tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

2009 Yeehaw Sisterhood Membership Drive

The first annual Yeehaw Sisterhood membership drive is well under way. This club began a year or so back, when three unlikely women, found friendship, based on a common lifestyle and a love for country living. Through mishaps with parents, children and in laws, these women were forever intertwined, resulting in several unforgettable road trip adventures that will bind them till the cows come home. Should you be interested in joining this most prestigious club of sisters, the following requirements must be met for consideration. Young whippersnappers who don't know "come here from sic'em" need not apply.

1. All applicants must be at least 40 years old.

2. At least two body parts must be saggin, baggin and/or exceptions.

3. All applicants must have bore two or more children....Stretchmarks are worn as a badge of honor .

4. Applicants will be highly considered if she was raised around , has married into or is married to a bovine or parts thereof.

5. Gray hair or hair growing in strange places is totally acceptable and encouraged.

6. Crow's feet and laugh lines are considered respectable.

7. Applicants must be able to help her man process cattle, make a mean biscuit and grow at least five varieties of vegetables.

8. All applicants must be menopausal or at least in the throws of menopause and must misbehave at least two days a week. Remember, well behaved women rarely make history.

9. Applicants must have a fetish for chocolate, and have at least two months supply on hand for any unforeseen crisis or the crisis of a fellow sister .

10 . Last but not least, all applicants must be able to drop whatever she's doing to emotionally uplift other members of the sisterhood in a minutes notice. This includes prayer in a cornfield, coffee over the phone or drinking eggnog in the parking lot of the local farm store.

To submit your request for enrollment, simply include your credentials in the comment section and your membership will be given due consideration. Initiation will take place after the holidays and will include a potluck dinner. Till next time, adios!

Felix Navidad Ya'll !

Hope this finds all of you embracing the season with a tamale in one hand and a hunk of fudge in the other!

This is my "charlie brown" poinsettia. In true form, there is indeed a story behind this poor flower. Call it a pride thing, but I decided last year I was going to keep it alive till this year if it hair-lipped the governor. Well, it is alive....not pretty, but alive. Last spring, I planted it on the north side of the house where it THRIVED! I was so proud of how big it had gotten over the summer and how many people would marvel at my ability to grow poinsettias in none other but.... New Mexico....yada yada. Yeah, well this is what happens when you transplant a tropical plant on a hot day and shock it's very being. It dried up, coughed, sputtered and like a true farmer, I just kept watering it. Well, all the leaves fell off but two and then a miraculous thing started coming alive again - musta been all the water. It still hasn't turned all red yet but I think it has a certain charm.

This is the rose poinsettia I finally found and yesiree bob I'm going to plant it and see if maybe I can almost kill this one too.

This is "Miss Hollywood" doing her thing on the rocking horse that Santa hasn't brought yet.

After a hard day of riding herd on Mamaw and terrorizing the wienie dog, she retreats to her ducky hot tub for a time of relaxation - reflecting on the day behind her and dreaming of the mischief of tomorrow.

Till next time, adios.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


An amazing, wonderful thing happens when the Christmas tree goes up....especially when three of our newest family members have never seen one. `The twinkling lights and shiny ornaments are just too tempting not to touch and pretty wrapping paper proves too irresistable for a certain weinie dog.All in all it hasn't been so bad. Dogs and kids are trainable. Torn paper and broken ornaments are just par for the course - Karli has however pulled a tag or two off a gift or three and if Jake happens to open a gift that includes body butter and bikini wax, he will know he is not the recipient. Till next time, adios.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Where did the week go??

All things good or bad must end....including my hot date. Guess I'll roll myself out of this hottub and prepare for the season at hand. Thanksgiving went way fast. All too quickly, kids are back in school and life is as it was. We did get some alleys built over the holiday with the help of sons and nephews. We got us a new lead up chute last summer and couldn't use it till we built some alleys and connected our hydraulic chute to this menagerie.
The weather was good, the backs of young college kids strong , and if I do say so myself, the food was good there was no excuses for bad behavior or an attitude gone awry.
Finally, the very day Jake had to go back to school we got to run a few calves through for her maiden voyage as it were. Even the weinie dog had a job!
Hope your Thanksgiving was just that - a day for thanking the Good Lord for good food and family. We had 81 show up for our little feast. Had a good feed and good visit - can't ask for anything else! Till next time -adios.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Well girls, I got me a HOT date tonight!!

That's right...a hot date....that will include a hot bath, with a cup of hot tea and lots of theragesic slathered all over the body parts that will hurt tomorrow. Ross trucked in the first load of feeder calves this morning and before they could turn around twice, they were herded into the chute for a round of shots, a brand and a new ear tag. My job is to keep the chute full of cattle and eartag. During the past six months, Mamaw has been head cook and bottle washer and the calloused hands that I once had are now as soft as the baby's bottom I powder and lotion every day - The steers worked up quick fast and in a hurry - the heifers however, thought it would be fashionable to enter the chute backwards. I think females of all persuasions, whether they be human, bovine, canine or feline always have a better idea on how to do things, especially irritate. To add to the mix, our little wienie dog became a self-proclaimed cowdog and nobody had the heart to tell him otherwise. There's no telling how many miles that little dog ran between the chute and the next pen, but he's sure a sleepy pup tonight. To add insult to injury, he got a bath before he was allowed into the house. He had accumulated all kinds of delicious smells and was offended when all that hard work went down the drain. Tomorrow is business as usual with the exception of taking little Karli for her 6 month shots - how fun is that - this time though, she will be big enough to hit the local Dairy Queen for an ice creme cone. Till next time, adios.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

There's a jaguar on the loose!

I absolutely hate Halloween and am repulsed by all the gruesome images of death - but I do get a kick out of seeing little ones dressed up in cute costumes and strutting their stuff.`I'm always glad to get this aweful day out of the way so I can focus on the season of Thanksgiving. I love all the holiday baking, the anticipation of seeing kin, and just the giddiness of it all.

`Years ago, on Halloween night, the grandparents from next door would come over and we would have a wienie roast and make smores. The kids loved rounding up the wood and getting a fire started. Some years we near froze our ornaments off . We would stand facing the fire while the back side froze - then turned around till our buns were pun intended. Now most of my brood are off making their own memories. Grandpa and I had frito pie, apple cobbler and enjoyed playing with our little jaguar.

`Today, I'm cleaning up my flower beds for next year. Karli and Grandpa brought me a bucket load of cow manure and I'm "enriching" the soil - we have mostly gyp dirt out here so all my dirt is imported from my brother's farm in Dexter. It's hard to have farmer blood living on a ranch sometimes but it's all good in the end - you have the best of both worlds. Ya'll be good - till next time, adios.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

In honor of Broken Y turning 40!!

Old Age, I decided, is a gift.I am now, probably for the first time in my life, the person I have always wanted to be. Oh, not my body! I sometime despair over my body, the wrinkles, the baggy eyes, and the sagging butt. And often I am taken aback by that old person that lives in my mirror (who looks like my mother!), but I don't agonize over those things for long.I would never trade my amazing friends, my wonderful life, my loving family for less gray hair or a flatter belly. As I've aged, I've become more kind to myself, and less critical of myself. I've become my own friend. I don't chide myself for eating that extra cookie, or for not making my bed, or for buying that silly cement gecko that I didn't need, but looks so avante garde on my patio. I am entitled to a treat, to be messy, to be extravagant. I have seen too many dear friends leave this world too soon; before they understood the great freedom that comes with aging. Whose business is it if I choose to read or play on the computer until 4 AM and sleep until noon?I will dance with myself to those wonderful tunes of the 60&70's, and if I, at the same time, wish to weep over a lost love .. I will. I will walk the beach in a swim suit that is stretched over a bulging body, and will dive into the waves with abandon if I choose to, despite the pitying glances from the jet set.They, too, will get old.I know I am sometimes forgetful. But there again, some of life is just as well forgotten. And I eventually remember the important things. Sure, over the years my heart has been broken. How can your heart not break when you lose a loved one, or when a child suffers, or even when somebody's beloved pet gets hit by a car? But broken hearts are what give us strength and understanding and compassion. A heart never broken is pristine and sterile and will never know the joy of being imperfect.I am so blessed to have lived long enough to have my hair turning gray, and to have my youthful laughs be forever etched into deep grooves on my face. So many have never laughed, and so many have died before their hair could turn silver.As you get older, it is easier to be positive. You care less about what other people think. I don't question myself anymore. I've even earned the right to be wrong.So, to answer your question, I like being old. It has set me free. I like the person I have become. I am not going to live forever, but while I am still here, I will not waste time lamenting what could have been, or worrying about what will be. And I shall eat dessert every single day. (If I feel like it)

Monday, October 20, 2008

What a weekend!!

Let's here it for another girlie weekend!! The passion for quilting is catching but not caught...yet. Dirtscrapper and Ranchwife invited me and Karli to tag along to the Portales quilt show on Friday. I think it's a conspiracy to get me hooked into quilt making. Conspiracy or not, I needed to get out of the house and Karli needs some serious socialization skills so..... Did I buy cloth this go round?? Yes I did..... not for a quilt but for new kitchen curtains. Oh, by the way, this is the fashion trend for all wienie dogs this fall!! Ranch wife picked out this little ensemble at the Portales Walmart after they became inspired to buy more cloth to make more cute make me feel guilty ....oh well, wait till they see my new curtains!!

Saturday, Jake came home from college to help his dad wire and floor the trailer they just built. I just love when kids come home.......then leave. Just kidding Ranchwife....she is still in sackcloth and ashes after the second of her little fledglings flew the coop.

Sunday, we had coffee with the great-great grandmother, Jake sailed back to school with his new trailer in tow and Ross and I went to the Sarah Palin rally. We had to park almost a mile away from the Southwest Aviation hanger and then we waited in line forever that they just led us around the hanger and we never had to go through security. I was told 10,000 people were expected at this wing-ding and standing three hours in the blazing New Mexico sun was a testament to our commitment to whatever we're commited to. After a short tadoo by Hank William's Jr.....(I think he sings better when he's had some liquid inspiration) Sarah arrived in all her glory....almost an hour fashionably late but well worth it. You go girl!!!! After we panted the last mile back to the jeep, Ross and I went out for ice cream. All in all, it was a pretty cool weekend. Till next time, adios.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Roosters from Hell....Part 3

Well, Ranchwife..... now you've done it. Rooster stories are as catching as a winter colds. Arkansas Stamper shared her's - guess I'll pass my childhood memories of our obnoxious rooster - actually two of the hateful he-birds right back at ya. Had to call my brother for memory support - his encounter happened after I'd flown the roost. According to his recollection , he was in the shop one day painting a trailer....minding his own business...when the family rooster decided to pick a fight. The rooster was white, and the trailer being painted was red, and boys will be boys. You have to be creative when dealing with roosters that won't back off after being kicked, cussed and rocked. How Greg caught this rooster is between him and the rooster. What happened next, became exposed to the general public! Yep, quick, fast and in a hurry, said obnoxious rooster was sporting around a red tail - dodging under equipment and vehicles - trying to get away from the red tail that was chasing him. Finally, after pure exhaustion set in, he retreated to the hen house where he hid for a couple of days. Not sure what ever happened to him. The rooster I recall hated 4-wheelers, people, dogs.... and was an expert at reconnaissance . Just when you think you had snuck by him, he showed up doing his little "I'm the pimp-daddy dance" and doing his level best to start stuff. He did his best work when he caught you bent over picking veggies in the garden. My mom sported a scar on her hip from this rooster the rest of her life and she was 6' tall. Yeah, this rooster was an Olympian. Well his luck run out one day when he got tangled up with my mom on "one of those days". She had had enough of him and his wicked ways. Can't recall what she hit him with but his leg got broke during the battle. What happened next, I'll never understand as long as I live. Being incapacitated, this would have been the perfect opportunity to "take this bird out" but no....she felt so sorry for breaking his leg, she took this worthless rooster in, splinted his leg and nursed him back to health. Yeah, no kiddin. That bird should have been rolled in flour and fried. If roosters would just protect their hens against foxes, skunks and things of this nature, instead of terrorizing the entire barnyard, I think they would live longer, more fulfilled lives. But no..... they have to spread hate and discontent to all that enter their domain. Well, with that said, just eat more chicken. Till next time. adios.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Could NOT help myself!!

Sometimes I think Maxine should run for president -- she was right on with this one! Everyone concentrates on the problems we're having in this country lately -- illegal immigration, hurricane recovery, alligators attacking people in Florida .. .. not me -- I concentrate on solutions for the problems-- it's a win-win situation.

* Dig a moat the length of the Mexican border. * Send the dirt to New Orleans to raise the level of the levees. * Put the Florida alligators in the moat along the Mexican border.
Any other problems you would like for me to solve today? Yes!
Think about this:
1. Cows
2. The Constitution
3. The Ten Commandments

COWS -Is it just me, or does anyone else find it amazing that during the mad cow epidemic our government could track a single cow, born in Canada almost three years ago, right to the stall where she slept in the state of Washington? And, they tracked her calves to their stalls. But they are unable to locate 11 million illegal aliens wanderingaround our country. Maybe we should give each of them a cow.

THE CONSTITUTION -They keep talking about drafting a Constitution for Iraq ... why don't we just give them ours? It was written by a lot of really smart guys, it has worked for over 200 years, and we're not using it anymore.

THE 10 COMMANDMENTS -The real reason that we can't have the Ten Commandments posted in a courthouse is this -- you cannot post 'Thou Shalt Not Steal' 'Thou Shalt Not CommitAdultery' and 'Thou Shall Not Lie' in a building full of lawyers, judges and politicians ... it creates a hostile work environment.Also, think about this ... if you don't want to forward this for fear of offending someone -- YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM! It is time for America to speak up! Yep, I passed it on!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pumpkin Bread Comes From Banana Squash??

I'm not sure just where this idea came from - all I know is, that in all my 45 years of life and living, pumpkin pies and pumpkin bread have always come from none other than banana squash. Oh yeah - I have pictures of my brother at about age four with one almost as big as he was. When mom went to glory almost 20 years ago, the tradition stoppped and was almost forgotten. She was the one who rallied the troops in the spring to plant said squash amongst all the other stuff my brother labeled as "noxious weeds". Anyhoo, one spring, I was in the local seed store, taking in all the sights and smells of potting soil, fertilizers and such and I inquired about some banana squash seeds - sure enough, in one his many seed drawers, the clerk pulled out a package and I almost fell over!! Ain't that a cottonpicker!! Not only did I rejoice but my mother's two sisters were tickled as well. My mom came from a brood of 10 kids and they grew all their own vegetables on the farm across the river-sandy soil that grew the best watermelons and cantalope you ever tasted!! So once again, the tradition began and every year, we grow these unusual squash to make the best pumpkin pies and bread you've ever had!!

I'm going to share my pumpkin bread recipe - you can use canned pumpkin.

3 cups flour - 3 cups pumpkin

2 cups sugar - 4 eggs, well beaten

1 tsp. salt - 1 1/2 cup oil

1 tsp. soda - 1/2 chopped nuts

1/4 tsp. cloves

1/4 tsp. nutmeg

2 tsp. cinnamon

Mix dry ingredients well, add nuts. In another bowl, mix pumpkin, eggs and oil well. Add dry ingredients; do not overmix. Pour into ungreased loaf pans. Bake at 350 for approx. 1 hour. ( I bake mine in small pans and bake about 30 minutes.)

This is kind of the kick off of Fall. My kids know when the pumpkin bread starts coming off, cooler temperatures are on their way and Jack Frost is circling! Till next time, adios!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Favorite Place Revisited

Started revisiting an old favorite place of mine. I'm not sure why I quit coming here....It's the perfect place to just sit and think...... and pray for what's on my heart. I know I can pray anywhere, but I always feel closest to the Lord here; not that He isn't everywhere....He just seems to meet me here, where I'm at. As I listen to the windmill turning in the gentle breeze, and watch the water trickling out, I'm really at peace. No fancy words are required for this meeting; I've learned that wailing, pleading and fit throwing doesn't impress the heart of God, but trusting those we love the most to His care does. If He allows it, there's a lesson in it. The thing I like the most about this place and and the journey here is, nothing changes. The place is totally unaffected by politics, world disasters, the stock market, fuel get the picture. The cows follow the same trails to get here each morning, tank up on water and head out for breakfast. The flowers bloom on time, the prairie dogs are doing whatever prairie dogs do.
Oh by the way, Happy Fall Ya'll!! Yep, this is the day I've been waiting for....the calendar finally caught up with my autumn decor!! No, I won't go dig out my Christmas ornaments yet...I'm waiting for a special occasion a estrogen extravaganza or a hormone meltdown. Should be any day now. Actually it's been a great week - nothing catastrophic. And since it's only monday, I am completely optimistic the rest of the week should follow suit! Well, it's now 8:00 p.m. and mamaw is officially off the clock... believe I'll head to bed!! 10 hours from now we start over - till next time, adios!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Christian one-liners

Don't let your worries get the best of you; remember, Moses started out as a basket case.****************************************************Some people are kind, polite and sweet-spirited until you try to sit in their pews.****************************************************Many folks want to serve God, but only as advisors.****************************************************It is easier to preach ten sermons than it is to live one.****************************************************The good Lord didn't create anything without a purpose, but mosquitoes come close.****************************************************When you get your wit's end, you'll find God lives there.****************************************************People are funny; they want the front of the bus, the middle of the road and the back of the church.****************************************************Opportunity may knock once, but temptation bangs on your front door forever.****************************************************Quit griping about your church; if it was perfect, you couldn't belong.****************************************************If the church wants a better pastor, it only needs to pray for the one it has.****************************************************God Himself does not propose to judge a man until he is dead. So why do you?****************************************************Some minds are like concrete; thoroughly mixed up and premanently set.****************************************************Peace starts with a smile.****************************************************I don't know why some people change churches; what difference does it make which on you stay home from?!****************************************************A lot of church members who are singing "Standing on the Promises" are just sitting on the premises.****************************************************We were called to be witnesses, not lawyers or judges.****************************************************Be ye fishers of men. You catch them -- He'll clean them.****************************************************Coincidence is when God chooses to remain anonymous.****************************************************Don't put a question mark where God put a period.****************************************************Don't wait for 6 strong men to take you to church.****************************************************Forbidden fruits create many jams.****************************************************God doesn't call gthe qualified, He qualifies the called.****************************************************God grades on the cross, not the curve.****************************************************God loves everyone, but probably prefers "fuits of the spirit" over "religious nuts!"****************************************************God promises a safe landing, not a calm passage.****************************************************he who angers you, contols you!****************************************************If God is your Co-pilot -- swap seats!****************************************************Prayer:Don't give God instructions -- just report for duty!****************************************************The task ahead of us is never as great as the Power behind us.****************************************************The Will of God never takes you to where the Grace of God will not protect you.****************************************************We don't change the message, the message changes us.***************************************************You can tell how big a person is by what it takes to... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... discourage him.****************************************************The best mathematical equation I have ever been seen: 1 cross + 3 nails = 4 given.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Confession is good for the soul!

Got tickled at Ranch Kid's pittiful plea for somebody, ANYBODY to take some her barn kitties off her hands. Cats are usually plentiful around our place, but I remember a time when I would have jumped over the moon for a kitten. Katie was two years old and loved cats. Her cat had wasted it's nine lives so the hunt for another "cat toy" begun. Any other time, the papers would have had cats galore to give away, but not this time. For days, I called fellow country people, poured over the local paper in hopes that someone had an overabundance of felines and would be willing to share. After a week or two I was getting desperate and did the unthinkable. Remember now, this was 15 years ago, WAY before I lived by the spirit and not the flesh.....well, anyway.....I decided to visit the local humane society. Surely, they had some cats to spare! With a mission in mind, I bundled up little Katie, and off to town we went - we would return with a cat or else! It started off innocent enough - I walked in there like I owned the place and.......Lied. Yes I did. I told them I was looking for my cat..... which I knew was probably scattered over two sections by now.....and who could resist a cute little blond haired girl with dog-ears and a sweet smile. Yep, they let us go back to "look for my cat" .... alone. We ventured back into the "cat house" and wouldn't you know there was baby kitties of every color, in every pen. Poor kitties, I thought - locked up in these little ole pens, with nobody to love them.....such a shame....they would be so much better at my house.....good food...clean to run around...yeah, you know where this is going. And like I said we were all supervision....being trusted. I was fixing to be involved in a catnapping. I know what you're thinking - I should have considered "adopting" a kitty but they wanted $35.00 to cover the mandatory spay fee. Well, I didn't want my cat spayed. I wanted all parts in tact so maybe I wouldn't be back in this predicament - maybe I wanted to have baby kitties so I could give kitties know, to other people in need of a cat. You can justify most anything if you think about it long enough! I spotted a potential candidate and started shaking....I knew it was wrong.....I looked around to see if anyone was looking .... Do you know how hard it is to unlock kennel pens with one hand? I grabbed this poor baby cat and stuffed it in my coat and walked out to the office. I can't believe I'm telling this. Nervously, I explained my cat wasn't there...rambling....the cat was working up the arm of my coat and started I gently patted Katie on the bottom and said "Hush Katie, momma is talking"......yeah I know...I dashed outside shaking so bad I couldn't get my truck unlocked. Got cat and kid loaded up and zigzagged around the neighborhood in case they had discovered a missing cat and might be following - no, my conscience wasn't bothering me and I'm not making this up. After the 15 mile trip home, I had settled down some - but as I turned off onto our little dirt road - coming down the kidding...never happened before or since...was a State Police car. I was about to have a litter of kittens....would have saved me alot of time and trouble had I done that first! I smiled and waved, broke into a cold sweat, and burned down the road to the house - ran in, totally out of breath and demanded to know what the state police was doing out here!! Ross looked at me and said...."what did you do"?? I let the cat out of the bag so to speak, and my husband was shocked and amazed that his wife would do such a thing... and drag a two year old as an accomplice. He had no idea why a police car would be on our road, other than maybe he was trying to find a bush. You know, that cat turned out to be mean and hateful and I think I ended up shooting him. All Ross could say get what you pay for. I hope Karli 's cat takes care of her remaining seven lives.... maybe I need to talk to Ranch Kid about a cat! Till next time, adios.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

"On the seventh day He rested"

Well, it's indeed the seventh day and I too am going to rest. Life can be hard and unpredictable, but God is good. He has shown His mighty hand in the lives of several friends and family this week; and in the days in which we live, it seems like every family we know is going through something monumental; testing faith and trust. I've had a little bit of trouble in that area myself. Being the control freak that I am, I seem to always be trying to advise the Lord in areas I know nothing about.
Went to town yesterday, and should have had the flashers going, warning everyone there was a mamaw on the loose, and she might be armed and dangerous. I had several things I needed to do, had already put in a full day and was about as friendly as a horny toad. Well, I backed out and ran over the cat....yessserrrii bob....this is going to be a fun day!! Got to to the grocery debit card and only enough cash to pick up the green chili I was after in the first place. Called Katie and she was headed to town - said she would meet me at the farm store with my card. Meanwhile, I headed out to Hobson's Gardens to get my yearly supply of roasted chili, and was two bucks short...good thing we haul all their hay - Got home one piece, got a few groceries, twenty gallons of water, got my chili put up and and I think I'll make some chili rellenos today for dinner. Got a green chili stew on the's a cloudy, cool morning and that just sounds good to me. Till next time...adios!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Bless Sarah's pea-pickin' heart!

It's 11:00 am and I've yet to get my clothes on. What am I doing sitting here blogging instead of all the necessary stuff that lies before me?? This is day three of "Operation Mamaw" in which I care for my daughter's three month old while she's in school. I have forgotton how much work babies are. After the third bottle and four chorus' of the "cuppy-cake song", I thought of Abraham's wife Sarah. At age 99 she became eligible for her yearly "Mother's Day" card and as I'm trying to get dinner ready for the hay-hauling crew, fold clothes, and do my normal morning chores, while trying to get a sleepy, but clearly not cooperating baby down for a desperately needed nap, I was wondering how Sarah managed to "keep up". Karli threw her first out-right, no holes barred, out of the park, temper fit this morning. They say that a baby rattlesnake's venom is just as dangerous as a big snake's. Well, I think in those terms, that estrogen levels of baby girls are just as potent as a full grown woman's - maybe even more so. She come undone now..... not to worry....this is not my first rodeo. Now back to Sarah....what was she thinking?? I 'm not EVEN going to pretend to understand God's ways, or his timing....but as for me and my household, timing is EVERYTHING! And.... time is getting away from me. I have a lot to do before the little princess wakes up and starts ruling her kingdom with an iron fist. Till next time. adeos.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New Beginnings

Most of the world recognizes January 1st as the day of new beginnings. We start organizing our business ledgers for the upcoming year, start diets, shed bad habits, start exercise regimens and all sorts of new firsts to ensure the new year starts on the right foot. Great-great-grandmother Lillian even brings us over a can of black-eyed peas and expects each member of the family to choke down at least one pea for "good luck". As autumn approaches, I realize that most new beginnings around my house begins in August. This is the month we prepare to entrust our children to institutes of higher learning at various places to obtain a little white piece of paper so the world will recognize that we have "arrived" - not sure where anymore, but somewhere. I spend more $$ on computers, school supplies, clothes, bedding, appliances, ect. than I do at Christmas. We have invested a lifetime in preparing our kids for this moment - when they drive off by themselves to a new city, new school, new house of which they will be responsible for (scary thought) ; they will have to set up their own class schedule of which they will have the freedom to attend.... or not attend (they so better be in class EVERYDAY). They will have to put themselves to bed (hopefully at a decent hour) get themselves up, fix their own meals if they want to eat, do their own laundry.....well at least keep it gathered up so I can tend to it on weekends, and generally take care of their own sweet selves. No more curfews, kisses out the door with a reminder to be careful coming home, no more "what sounds good for dinner?" or "let's go swimming this afternoon!" Oh well, they can walk out the door, but they always leave good memories that stick around till they come bouncing back home on weekends. Katie has one more year in the Roswell Independent School District, of which I'm not real sad. Highschool is a scary place in the times we live in and I'll be glad when she is out of that environment known as a ses pool. I will have the privilege of watching little Karli all day - that will be a first. I've started my geritol regimen in hopes I'll be up to the challenge of a baby all day. No worries..... Ben will be leaving for Afganistan in March so we've already begun getting him ready for deployment. He finished 2nd in his Airborne school this past weekend and has two more schools to go to before he earns his wings. Then he's planning to go to Wisconsin in January for a refresher course in his combat medic field. I'm proud of the way the Good Lord is working in the lives of my kids, preparing them for what lies ahead, and the fact that He still let's me be somewhat involved in the preparation process. Me..... my new beginnings start afresh each day - that's the only way I can survive sanity. Lamentations 3:23 - "Through the Lord's mercies we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness." Till next time, adios.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

A few things I really don't like!

This week's blog was inspired by this afternoon's activity. What happens when you take your favorite dog out for a four-wheeler ride to the closest windmill to go swimming?? You get to shovel tank mud. Don't make much sense, does it! Actually, I'm glad we discovered this problem, and I know the cows standing around looking longingly into an empty drink tub appreciated it too. Didn't take long to fix. Ross and Jake had it going within fifteen minutes or so. The check had backed off the sucker rod and since our water is only 20 feet deep, it was no biggie.
Moving right along, in the most prestigious spot of number two, is none other than....flies. Yep, those pesky critters that fly up your nose while you're trying to water your roses, biting you on the ankles, dive bombing while you sleep...yeah those. Not sure what purpose they serve other than making you feel justified when you smear their little guts all over the freezer door...that was gross.... but I don't think there is enough insecticide in the known world to kill off this vermin.
Can I have a drum roll please.....topping the list at number one is probably the most awful, boring, back-breaking..... rather have a butt-whipping than do this ....job. But here it is - none other than.... ironing. Yep that's right. I've had some pretty ugly jobs in my life - shoveling out a silage trailer full of corn in 100 degree weather, fighting flies and such, shoveling out cowtruck trailers full of @#%$^ in 100 degree weather, fighting flies and such....seems as though around here all jobs involve hot temperatures and flies. Anyhoo, ironing is the one job, if I could hire done, I would. Let's here it for polyester blends!! Till next time, adios.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Ross, it's time to come home!

It's been five days since Ross sailed out of here with one of his good buddies for an adventure of a lifetime. They left out early Monday morning heading to Ocala, Florida with a load of hay - then dropped down to Ocheechobee to pick up a load of calves for Oklahoma. Florida is one of the few states Ross has never visited, so this invitation was irresistable. I assured him we could handle whatever arose and so far we have.'s time for him to come home. Doubt they'll have near the fun me and my buds have on one of our roadtrips but......they are men....and they'll do the best they can. It will take them a week to have all the fun we have in one day. Speaking of roadtrips, Ranchwife, Dirtscrapper and I decided to take a short daytrip to the nearest quiltshop within 90 miles a couple weeks ago. Little did we know, the quilt shop was closed on monday. We had no cattle crews to feed, no hay to haul, and here we were with all this time on our hands. Well, the only logical thing to do was to head on to Lubbock, Tx. When in doubt, keep on driving! Since we all have limited bladder control, we stop when we want - every ten miles if necessary. We eat when and where we want. If the mall calls , we answer. There is no time limit in the prissy panty section, and if by chance we need a starbucks, or a nibble of chocolate to keep our strength up for the rest of the day, so be it. We did find the elusive material Dirtscrapper needed to start her quilt. We could have looked for cute baby material and such if Ranchwife had of spilled the beans about being a granny 200 miles sooner......yeah she's still in hot water...... but I guess I'll have to completely forgive her as soon as I get my pie......thought I forgot huh?! Ha! All in all, it was a good day....a needed day by all. We've decided to make this a monthly thing.....better time this carefully. If we synchronize to closely, we might get thrown out of another small town. Anyhoo, till next time, adios.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Totally untitled - don't know where this will go!

Is peace the absence of chaos or just chillin' in the midst of an impending storm? Not sure? Well neither am I but at the moment I do believe I'm experiencing some of it. The lull is welcome, but I'm a bit suspicious of it. GI son is doing his Nat'l Guard stuff, Ross is reading a book, Katie is napping(recovering from last night and preparing for tonite) Jake is out chasing rabbits on the 4-wheeler and Karli is sleeeping peacefully on my bed. My house and yard are clean and my laundry is caught up. No, I'm not bragging, I'm just....thankful. Tomorrow we will have a Bar-B-Que for, and in honor of, a close friend's family that has truly known what chaos is. They have survived two unspeakable tragedies in their lives and today they will put a close to the last one. They have been tested and have a testamony. I, on the otherhand, if being tested like that would just have the "mony". Tragedy either makes you bitter, or better. And I have found that you can't be pitiful and powerful at the same time. A choice always has to be made. This family has chosen the high road and allowed the Lord to make them better for it and a powerful testament that when you're going through hell, don't slow down - just keep on keepin' on till you get to the other side. I admire their strength and friendship, and it has been a privilege to walk by their side all these years. Till next time, adios.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Did little Jesus have a Mamaw?

With Christmas only six months away, I was singing "Away in a Manger" on the way to the hayfield one day last week, and strange as it seems, I began to ponder Christ's birth. Where was Jesus's Mamaw during His birth? If Joseph was to be registered in his ancestral home, it would seem to me that at least "his" parents would have been present for this most special event in their lives. And while we're at it, where was Mary's momma? Was she with Mary's daddy at a local camel convention somewhere, or being registered elsewhere?? It just seem to me that a mamaw should have been close by.....somewhere. I do realize the use of cell phones were not an option in those days but honestly see my point. Since becoming a mamaw myself a few short weeks ago, I have discovered that I "ooze" wisdom in "all" areas of life......including those areas that I know nothing about.....and Mary should have had the benefit of a mother's advise on......oh say nursing, fussy babies, etc.... Lucky for Joseph, she was AWOL.

And then, I was rocking Karli this morning, just watching her as she slept. I kept looking at her little hands and feet, fascinated with how small and delicate they are. I know Mary did the same thing. Untold hours were spent just adoring Jesus while he slept. I wonder if she realized that someday those precious hands and feet would be pierced; that the brow she kissed each day would have a crown of thorns placed on it, and his soft, sweet skin that she so tenderly bathed would be striped for all mankind. I have a great deal of respect for this woman, being between God's purposes, and her role as a mother. I kind of wonder though, if she was like one of our ranch cow mamas. She has no idea that her baby is going to be branded, cut, and ear marked; that in the fall, a cowtruck will come rolling down the road to take the baby she has nursed, protected and befriended to places unknown - to fulfill the purpose for which he was created -to feed mankind. All she knows is that right now, her baby needs her to provide milk for a hungry belly, shelter from the storms , protection from wild critters and a spit bath each morning.

If she, so unselfishly, could invest so much of herself into the life of the child that would save my old hide, I believe I can invest more time into the lives of others. Till next time, adios

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

PMS to Fall Decorating...go figure

Can't explain it - not even gonna to try. Woke up PMS'n and in a few`short hours...just plain MS'N (don't believe that is a network) which led to today's "fall decorating". Yes I know it's not fall. We're barely out of spring but something had to give. This oppressive heat is killing me and there's just something about the color of fall that lends a feeling that cool weather is on it's way. When I went out into the container to get my oakleaves and pinecones and such, it was all I could do to stay out of the Christmas decor. I do believe my family would have had me committed.... but as long as there is refigerated air I really don't care. Gotta go....I think my carpet is dry enough to start putting my furniture back....yes I even shampooed the carpet. Have heart, my sanity is due back Saturday morning about 9:00 a.m. and only Ranch Wife knows why! Till next time...adios

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hay - it's what's for dinner - if you're a milk cow!

Got up froggy-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to give ya'll a glimpse of a typical day in our hay-hauling lives - grabbed the camera, my coffee cup and out the door we went! It's a twenty mile drive from our house at the ranch to East Grand Plains, a farming community east of Roswell. We park our hay trucks at a farmer friend's barn so they'll be handy. Thought I'd snap a picture of a hayfield to start this adventure. Lo and behold - no battteries- I literally asked the Lord to please "show up" with some batteries - AA to be exact. After searching high and low in the other trucks, I jumped into my truck disgusted at the thought of no batteries, no pictures and no blog. Well ain't that a cottonpicker! No kidding - I looked on the dashboard of the truck - and there's two AA bateries sitting way.... crazy awesome thing to happen. Never saw them before. Didn't look a gift horse in the mouth - thanked the Good Lord for my batteries, loaded 'em up and headed to the field.
Our family started Carpenter Custom Hauling over ten years ago. We started off with two trucks, hauling triticale silage in the spring and corn silage in the fall with a cow haul and a little hay hauling mixed in there for good measure. With the passing of each year, our hay acreage increased to the point that after nine years of "chop hauling" we decided to sell our silage rigs and focus on hay hauling. We now haul hay and oats for twelve different farmers in the East Grand Plains and Dexter area, delivering these loads to several of the thirteen dairies in our area. There are generally six cuttings of hay each year and we've hauled up to thirty-one loads in one day. Alfalfa hay is New Mexico's #1 cash crop and averages $200.00 per ton.
Today we're hauling hay to Three Amigos Dairy in Dexter. It is one of of the largest dairies in the area, milking 4,600 cows each day. They feed 66 bales a day of hay, barley and oats, along with corn silage, and all the goodies from the commodity barn. Most of the milk in the valley goes to Laprino Foods, one of the largest mozzarella cheese factories. They receive 90 to 120 tanker loads of milk each day, and each tanker carries 6,000 gallons of milk. Leprino is also the largest US exporter of whey products.
Well, there you have it folks! Next time you pour yourself a tall glass of cold milk, remember somehow, it all started in a hayfield! Till next time, adios!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Whew! Hotter 'n hell?

No, it probably wasn't hotter 'n hell but when you work in 106 degree heat with a steady wind blowing, it sure makes you glad you're saved!! I look at all the beauty the good Lord puts in front of me everyday and wonder how people miss the love of God. Then I haul hay all day in this blistering heat and wonder how people miss the judgement of God. I guess Christians just naturally pick up on all this symbolism and see the spiritual side of everything. When you work in agriculture, God just shows up. He may be found in a beautiful sunrise or a rainbow after a good rain. I see Him when a mother cow licks her new baby off, or in a wheat field waving in the wind. Looking up at the sky on a moonless night never ceases to amaze me. Can't imagine how anyone could think this world showed up by chance. Well, cottonpicker is plumb smooth wore out so I'm calling it a day. Till next time, adios.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Five generations

Well, it took an act of Congress and a small miracle to gather this bunch long enough for a picture. Hard to believe the matriarchs of our family grew up without the luxuries of running water and electricity - not to mention central air and a satellite dish....internet, microwave, cell phone....the list could go on and on. It was a different world indeed and I think in some ways better. It seems we spend more time working for the things that make our lives easier. Makes no sense does it!! I expect my coffee to be done by 7:00am, after I roll out of my sleep number bed {my number is 45}, I set our central air on 72 degrees and my dvr receiver records my favorite shows during the night so they're ready to watch at my convenience. I enjoy my hot baths, washer, dryer, and all the other conveniences we Americans are accustomed to. If I could somehow be thrown back in time about a hundred years, I'm not sure I could manage myself, much less a family. By the same token, if these saint of old were to come visit us, I'm not real sure they would be too impressed with us either. Makes you wonder what the world will be like during the thousand year reign when Christ is the "Commander in Chief"! Will this world hold the simplicity of ages old, or am I going to have my sleep number bed in my mansion?? Just wondering.....till next time, adios.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A few of my favorite things!

A while back, Ranch Wife challenged us all to post a few of our favorite things. It's not that I chose not to participate in this group effort, but like a good stew, you must throw a few things in the pot occasionally and let them simmer a while. As good as that sounds, the truth of the matter is, all I had to throw in my pot was hog jowls, possum and greens. A bad attitude had absolutely nothing to do with my lack of recognizing the blessings in my life...well, maybe I was a bit short sighted. However, I am happy to report that the scales have fallen off my eyeballs and I am ready to return to my normal sweet self. { You can wipe the smirk off your face at any time Ranch Wife} Not to sound overly sentimental, but the past two weeks have allowed me to appreciate what is truly important in this life and I am investing my time and efforts more wisely. Karli has absolutely nothing to do with that either. {You can quit gigglin too Dirt Scrapper} I believe with all my heart that a woman's first and only priority is to rock whatever baby is in their home at the time. It is only when this baby no longer wants to be rocked that we invent hobbies to take the place of this most wonderful but short lived task. Rocking tends to get a little difficult however, when they are 6'4" and weigh over 200 lbs. but it can still be done with a little finagling . Another favorite thing is sitting on the front porch with my husband in the cool of the evening and just visiting. In this day and age with all the busyness and such, we tend to become preoccupied with life and living and we neglect those we live with. I tend to do that on purpose occassionally, but we'll pick that one up another time. I also love the sound of thunder, flashing lightning, the smell of an imenent rain storm and the sound of rain running off the tin roof of the house . I love road trips with special long as they behave themselves. I love to watch puppies play, homemade icecream, swimming in a stocktank, the dust boiling down the road of a kid coming home for the summer...... and at times the dust boiling the other direction as they make their way back to college. I love New Mexico sunrises and sunsets, snowstorms and everything about Christmas. I've even been known to play Christmas in July. I love riding in the tractor with my brother, the smell of a hayfield, the satisfaction of a job well done. Last, but not least I love the Lord for all He has blessed me with and the opportunity to fellowship with the sweet souls that I have met through this blogging adventure. Till next time, adios.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Kids, Cows and More

So there I was girls, one arm behind her head and the other under her leg, counting down from ten with each contraction.......cheering her on and fussing at her to push harder. I've birthed a bunch of critters in my day, but never one of my own. And for all you potential grandmothers out there, it's best not to joke about having ob chains and prolapse needles out in the pickup. Really.... nobody will think it's funny but you. { Don't ask me how I know.} Honestly, nobody has a sense of humor these days. I must say, my last blog was a bit sentimental.....I think I was lactating at the time. Speaking of lactating, I believe Katie's milk has finally arrived. The past few hours of tears and frustration explains much of the bad behavior of my favorite milk cow Abigail, {may she rest in peace} after she calved and I milked her for the first time.... only Katie hasn't kicked me or stepped in my milk bucket yet. The hormone hell we endured two months earlier pales in comparison to what we are experiencing now. And this too shall pass..quickly I hope. It's been three days now and I believe I am regenerating the loss of active brain cells. With each bottle washed, diaper changed and kiss given, I am slowly getting back to normal... whatever normal is. With that said, I believe Karli needs another kiss....and probably a diaper change.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mamaws ain't not cool

Got a new perspective on the title, word, meaning and responsibility of the word "Grandma", or "Mamaw" as I have chosen to be called. Used to when I heard this word, a little fragile blue haired woman with a cane, a cat and the smell of "tonic" came to mind. Now however, after enduring twenty-seven of the longest, most heart wrenching, wonderful hours of my life, I see "Mamaw" as great strength, wisdom, agility, endurance, compassion and tireless sacrifice. How this little seven pound bundle no bigger than a sack of sugar can capture one's heart so completely in the matter of minutes is a complete mystery to me, but I'm here to say, it's worth it all!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Running buck naked

Ever feel like running buck naked down the road wearing nothing but a smile? Try not to picture that, but that's kinda how I feel today. It's been a rather long haul lately and I know the Good Lord has promised not to give us more than we can bear but sometimes I think He gets mighty close. Ya know what a full bucket of milk looks like after you've let it sit a while? The good, the bad and the ugly rises to the top of the bucket. If you don't strain it and get the "stuff" out, you can't enjoy the milk or the cream. I kinda feel like I've been being strained. Not that I'm complaining though, because it's been a good thing. When your plate get's full, you have a tendency to prioritize what's important and bunk the junk. You just don't have the time nor the energy to fret the small stuff. Plus, I think being tired keeps your mind straight. Ross has a good friend who's dad was the foreman of the Diamond A Cattle Company some years ago. Come Saturday afternoon about four o'clock, a truckload of sack feed would come rolling in. Those boys had to unload the truck before they could go out that night. No coincidence there! Well, I guess I've finally come to the place of taking one day at a time and blooming wherever I'm planted at the moment. My circumstances haven't changed, but I have found that I can blossom purt near anywhere, doing anything. When you finally let go and let God have the reins of your life and quit trying to ride herd on everything and everybody, you can rest even when you're working hard. Also, I have finally discovered that I cannot and should not fix everything that happens in the lives of my sweet but adventurous offspring anymore. Oh, it used to be easy. When the kids were little, there was nothing a bandaid and a kiss couldn't fix. What I wouldn't give for a bandaid big enough to cover all their teenage bumps and bruises. So I did the only thing I could think of at the time and gave 'em back to Lord and told Him I'd done the best I could do, and He could handle them from here...... and He has but I have a tendency to offer my advise when I think He needs it.... which He doesn't ...just makes me feel like I'm helping. Anyway, back to the buck naked part. We got two inches of rain last night so I got the whole day to town....getting groceries...not in a there ya have it. Till next time, adios.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's a conspiracy!

Today was my "senior citizen's day" in that I take Odd Chick's husband's father to the doctor and do the Walmart, Sam's, FCM, and feed store thing. Odd Chick is married to my brother so you can figure it out. I sailed by Odd Chick and Greg's house for a quick cup of java before starting the obstacle course before me. Like Ranch Wife, I have an......adversion, to the unusual sights and sounds that often, well always, awaits me in town. I've never considered myself snooty but I guess I do have some prejudices against trans...everything! Like oil and water, some people were simply not meant to be stirred together in confining places. For example, we let our milk cows out to pasture one summer when we dried them up and the ranch cows never hung out with the milk cows. They separated themselves on purpose - not one class of cows being better or worse than the other, just different. My brother assured me there was not some evil conspiracy against me - memos were not being sent out for all the gangbangers, druglords and trans...things to take their positions throughout the city to purposely on purpose irritate me and make my day unbearable. Now that I'm home and the groceries are put away, I am thankful I don't live amongst all the wierdness. By the same token, I'm sure their are a few people who are thankful I'm home as well. Till next time, adios.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The albatross has landed!

Katie has been dreaming of her first prom since grade school. Prom is now only one week away and the albatross I left on my kitchen table, was there waiting for me this morning, squawking "Fix Me"! It was a thing of beauty when I bought it. Even though it was more than two sizes too big, my thick German blood assured me that at THAT price I could fix anything. A prom dress is a ridiculous investment considering it will be worn only for a couple of hours and there's really nothing else you can wear it to. This dress, I thought was a Godsend, in that it was handmade for a young lady that at the last minute decided not to go to prom, and the dress shop was asking very little for it. There is really no telling how many hours of blood, sweat and tears the seamstress poured into six layers of lace, netting and intricate beading, only to find her masterpiece in a second hand shop. All I can measure is the amount of blood, sweat and tears I have poured out altering this.... well, it's now a done deal and it best fit.
Before I dared this gnarly task, I first had to have the necessary support of my ever faithful cheering squad. "In this corner, weighing in with a mop bucket in one hand and a phone in the other is Ranch Wife, advising me to quit being a a sissy and jump right in!" In the other corner, baking cookies and homeschooling, was Dirtscrapper counseling me with inspiring phrases of encouraging promise." Sometimes, you just have to "pull up your big girl panties and deal with it!" I will post pictures of this dress come Saturday nite and all the hoopla that goes with this most anticipated event. Till then, adios.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hormone Hell

I'm not sure exactly what a hormone is, but I know I've got more than my share. And when the hormones of every female in our house combine their military strength, it's an awesome force of nature! In my opinion, I believe hormones are responsible for nation rising against nation, kingdom against kingdom, famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. All these truly are the beginning of sorrows. Hormones can take a happy-go-lucky 17 year old girl to a place of weeping and gnashing of teeth. And there are days when the only difference between the usual sweet nature of the women of this family and a growling junk yard dog is lipstick! I simply don't understand it. And you cannot predict these bouts of insanity. However, through many years of intensive research of this scary phenomenon, I've found that numerous hugs, kisses and a pound or more of chocolate revives peace negotiations, ending the hostilities against all innocent members in the household. There is no way to predict how long this state of bliss will last, but as we all know, it doesn't last long. My advise is only to "speak your mind and ride a fast horse." Till next time, adios.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Divine Adventures

Have you ever had a divine appointment and didn't know you were even scheduled for one? Only when you are in the middle of a said appointment do you recognize what it is, and later understand why you needed one. They are always unexpected and usually wierd.... in a wonderful sort of way. That very thing happened to me yesterday. With fuel prices as they are, going to town is only when a hunger mutiny is eminent. Ross was headed to Datil, NM to pick up some syrup troughs from Elliot and Evelyn McMaster, and asked if I wanted to go. I'm all for scaring up an adventure if the opportunity arises so at 4:00 am I was up and raring to go! Ok, so I wasn't raring ..... or up. Truth is, Ross had to threaten to leave me behind if I didn't get up. We sailed out of here by 5:00 am, pups and snacks in tow and five hours later we landed in the thriving village of Datil; then drove ten miles back into headquarters. What a beautiful place; a testament to fifty years of marriage and remodeling. Evelyn greeted me with a "I haven't seen you since your mother used to come visit me with you in the basket on the front of her bicycle! Can't say I remember that! Apparently, she grew up with my mom and they had been great friends all through school. She shared her memories with me of two farm girls with wind blown hair, riding a school bus, going to dances.... doing all that young girls do. You never think of your mom as a giddy school girl with hopes and dreams or a young mother with her whole life ahead of her. Nineteen years have passed since I lost my mom and I've allowed life and livin to rob me of alot of precious memories. I don't think they're forgotten but occassionally I need to be reminded of those special times we shared and the wonderful, caring woman she was. She shaped me into the wife and mother that I am today. Her struggles developed in her the strength to face the day before her and are a reminder to me to never give up on those I love. I wish she could have watched my kids grow up and selfishly I wish she could have been here with me through some of the "stuff" life tends to throw at you but the Lord's timing is always perfect. I never have believed in coincidences and certainly would have never believed that 250 miles away....a gift was wrapped up in a new friend named Evelyn; memories of a woman I didn't know but loved till the day she died.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Changing gears

After two days of baggin saggin and draggin, I've decided this day to be more uplifting and supportive; you know, like a good bra. There's alot to be said about a good supportive bra especially if you've nursed a few babies and these now older kids have talked you into...maybe jumping on the trampoline, or going horseback; or you've endured driving down a washed out dirt road, in a wore out pickup with no shocks. No imagination needed here! Back to the uplifting part....I woke up this morning bugged eyed and bushy tailed and ready to start the day. We had a wonderful time at Cowboy Church last night - good food, fellowship, music , and a good message to chew on. Katie came home from work safely (I always worry about her driving in so late) and both pups slept all night. The morning shows no promises of a windless day, and there is no prospect of rain but I am thankful for this day. I am blessed with healthy kids, a godly husband and priceless friends I would not trade anything for. " In a way, friendships are kinda like a favorite bra....They're hard to find, and sometimes hard to fit. But once you find a good one, you don't ever want to give it up!" Till next time, adios.

Friday, April 11, 2008

"This is the day the Lord has made....

....we will rejoice and be glad in it"......along with the wind, dirt, sand and manure. As friend, foe or family can tell you, I try my level best to see my bucket as half full, not empty. Along with most agriculture entrepreneurs, we would love to see our bucket overflowing with rain water instead of the brief list mentioned above. I hear people complaining all the time about the weather; in grocery store lines, at salebarns, farmstores, and I have on occasion caught myself complaining after trying to water my young plants that are laying horizontal to the dry ground after a 60 mph wind. Seems my whole adult life has been spent looking for rain clouds. And up to this point, after keen observation, and years of experience, I have come to the conclusion that my complaining does not prompt the hand of God to expedite a good old fashioned "turd floater" . May I even go so far as to say that I believe complaining hinders His desire to bless us. I bet my attitude must remind Him of at least one of the children of Isreal who wandered in the winderness whining about the weather, the menu, this , that and something else and they didn't even have cheese to go with their "whine"! All that got them was another trip around the mountain. Good thing their boot leather didn't wear out! I really need to find within myself that place where I can rejoice in all things, knowing full well that the Lord knows my needs even better than I do. He hasn't forgotten we need rain but will supply all our needs according to His wonderful purpose. Till then, keep looking up and keep the feed wagons rolling! Adios.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ah, the life of a dog!

What is it between the human race and dogs? I know from personal experience that there are few people I choose to jeehaw with, but it seems with the canine species I always feel right at home. I genuinely prefer their company over most people. They greet you with a smile in the morning, don't care what you fix for breakfast and are happy with whatever you have planned for the day as long as they're included. They don't care how ugly or fat you are, if you are wearing the latest trend or not; actually they like you better if you have on your "shit boots" and some interesting smells from the cow pen as an accessory.

When I left the house this morning heading to town, I decided to take both pups with me. The wind was howling already and since they are not quite house broke, leaving them inside is not an option just yet. I had several stops to make and both pups behaved themselves better than most of the kids and adults I was forced to have encounters with.

And another thing.....dogs don't bogart the remote control; they're content watching a chick flick....... for the fourth time already; they are ready to go to bed anytime you're ready...whatever! They are not demanding or selfish. They love you more than they love themselves, and they do not hold a grudge. They appreciate all that you do for them and have no superfluous expectations.

At the end of the day, when you're all "peopled out", the best therapy in the world is sitting in an easy chair, scratching on a lap dog. Your lap dog may be two pounds or 200 pounds but something almost magical happens between your fingertips and your heart. Till next time, adios.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Yeehaw for Yo-Yo's

It's only taken me three days to recover from Ranch Wife and my trip to the panhandle of Texas. While browsing at all the quilting paraphanalia at the show, we got the bright idea that we could make yo-yo's quick fast and in a hurry. We thought of all the cute accessories we could make for ourselves, daughters and grandaughters......hint hint Jen. It became a regular feeding frenzy at the material rack matching this with that...the possibilities were endless! Well girfriends, let me tell you what.....that little yo-yo doodad is not only complicated but my first yo-yo looks like a night cap for a mouse. The instructions are in four different languages -one of which should be simple enough to grasp. All I can say is....well, that's a cottonpicker.

Thinking that I could rise to the top of the bucket, I decided to hook up my wireless router to my computer. Ranch wife and I had gone round and round with the salesmen at Curcuit City in which we refused to buy any extras for anything! One of the said items I refused to buy was a "walk ya thru it instructions" for $80.00 which I balked at. I may not have stayed at the Holiday Inn Express but I thought I was swavey enough to read thru the prompts and intall my handy dandy router. Well thirty minutes and three meltdowns later I broke down and called the 1-800 number and immediately got hooked up with an Asian gal who spoke broken english. Is there a reason why these multi-million dollar companies can't hire SOMEBODY that can speak ENGLISH??? Anyhoo, she managed to walk me through the complicated process of revamping the systems thereof. Not sure who was more frustrated- her or me but we got' er done! And just for the record, I believe Ranch wife has impuned my honor and must be shot!
I never once embarrassed, harassed, confused, or otherwise discredited her in any possible manner....she's was clearly hopped up on caffeine and sugar and was just being mean and hateful. But I too am a forgiving person and will offer her the peace pipe as soon as she publicly apologizes to me...and makes me a coconut creme pie. Well, till we meet again, adios.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

I Love Sundays!

I just love Sundays. It's like a spring morning and mom's apple pie all wrapped up in one. We're all generally a bit more laid back on this holy morning. We get the coffee on before Grandmother Lillian comes over for breakfast. Ross and David get the feedlot cattle fed and then we enjoy a good visit with those that are up and about. At this season in our lives, we faithfully tune in to the Cornerstone Church on Sunday morning and share what we have gleaned from that weeks sermon. My time of prayer is while I am watering my young flowers, thanking the Good Lord for the day before me and praying that a good rain is on it's way. He waters everything so much better than I do anyway. I thank Him for the provision He has made in the lives of my children. They are all at different crossroads in their lives and I marvel at way He tends to each of their needs individually. Like a packet of mixed wildflowers, they are all different but beautiful in their own way. Sometimes they are fragrant and sometimes they are not .....they grow at their own pace, bloom when they're supposed to, not when I think they should, and hopefully they will produce good seed that brings glory to God and blessings to all those they encounter.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dedicated to the "Ranch wife..... loving life at the end of the dirt road"

Well girls, here you have it. I've only been at this for three solid hours. There are no words to describe this experience except....well there are no words!! In the last 48 hours I have E-mailed my first set of pictures to Walgreens, did an online Bible Study, and now I'm an official blogger....sorta. Only time will tell. Karin, Marquita, and Sarah.... thankyou....I think!