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Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Art of Empty Nesting.....and such..

Who is this man living in my house....that I just cleaned, eating my food.... that I just cooked, wearing clean clothes.... that I just washed? The same man that I have worked side by side with for the past twenty three years....and don't know as well as I should! In a perfect world, boy meets girl, they date... forever, become engaged, plan a wedding at least six months in advance, marry, honeymoon, buy a home with a white picket fence, and a few years later, have 2.5 kids, 3 dogs, a cat, and so on and so forth....In my world, I already had a two year old son, Ross and I met, we dated two months, got married, had Jake 8 months later, Katie came along 17 months after that, we raised our family, went through the ups and downs of the teen years that included a grandbaby that we had the privilege of raising for three glorious years.....and then....poof! Suddenly all of a sudden, we find ourselves for the first time in our entire married life...ALONE! I know what you're thinking....but no it's not like being young newlyweds....our life, marriage, work, play....everything, revolved around our kids and it's almost like having to start from scratch and "date" a while. It's been four months and we're still new at this. It has taken many evenings sitting on the front porch, drinking cold brews to sort through stuff, tie loose ends and cuss and discuss our likes and dislikes (didn't know he had any)....and it hasn't been all pretty. All in all, I think we're gonna make it and since we started this little adventure, we have been blessed beyond measure. The good Lord indeed has a good sense of humor and he doesn't reward bad behavior. On September 11th we were blessed with another grandgirl, Keylee.

Life right now is good. There is always a storm brewing, but that is just life! God is good all the time, and till next time, adios!