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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

PMS to Fall Decorating...go figure

Can't explain it - not even gonna to try. Woke up PMS'n and in a few`short hours...just plain MS'N (don't believe that is a network) which led to today's "fall decorating". Yes I know it's not fall. We're barely out of spring but something had to give. This oppressive heat is killing me and there's just something about the color of fall that lends a feeling that cool weather is on it's way. When I went out into the container to get my oakleaves and pinecones and such, it was all I could do to stay out of the Christmas decor. I do believe my family would have had me committed.... but as long as there is refigerated air I really don't care. Gotta go....I think my carpet is dry enough to start putting my furniture back....yes I even shampooed the carpet. Have heart, my sanity is due back Saturday morning about 9:00 a.m. and only Ranch Wife knows why! Till next time...adios

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hay - it's what's for dinner - if you're a milk cow!

Got up froggy-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to give ya'll a glimpse of a typical day in our hay-hauling lives - grabbed the camera, my coffee cup and out the door we went! It's a twenty mile drive from our house at the ranch to East Grand Plains, a farming community east of Roswell. We park our hay trucks at a farmer friend's barn so they'll be handy. Thought I'd snap a picture of a hayfield to start this adventure. Lo and behold - no battteries- I literally asked the Lord to please "show up" with some batteries - AA to be exact. After searching high and low in the other trucks, I jumped into my truck disgusted at the thought of no batteries, no pictures and no blog. Well ain't that a cottonpicker! No kidding - I looked on the dashboard of the truck - and there's two AA bateries sitting way.... crazy awesome thing to happen. Never saw them before. Didn't look a gift horse in the mouth - thanked the Good Lord for my batteries, loaded 'em up and headed to the field.
Our family started Carpenter Custom Hauling over ten years ago. We started off with two trucks, hauling triticale silage in the spring and corn silage in the fall with a cow haul and a little hay hauling mixed in there for good measure. With the passing of each year, our hay acreage increased to the point that after nine years of "chop hauling" we decided to sell our silage rigs and focus on hay hauling. We now haul hay and oats for twelve different farmers in the East Grand Plains and Dexter area, delivering these loads to several of the thirteen dairies in our area. There are generally six cuttings of hay each year and we've hauled up to thirty-one loads in one day. Alfalfa hay is New Mexico's #1 cash crop and averages $200.00 per ton.
Today we're hauling hay to Three Amigos Dairy in Dexter. It is one of of the largest dairies in the area, milking 4,600 cows each day. They feed 66 bales a day of hay, barley and oats, along with corn silage, and all the goodies from the commodity barn. Most of the milk in the valley goes to Laprino Foods, one of the largest mozzarella cheese factories. They receive 90 to 120 tanker loads of milk each day, and each tanker carries 6,000 gallons of milk. Leprino is also the largest US exporter of whey products.
Well, there you have it folks! Next time you pour yourself a tall glass of cold milk, remember somehow, it all started in a hayfield! Till next time, adios!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Whew! Hotter 'n hell?

No, it probably wasn't hotter 'n hell but when you work in 106 degree heat with a steady wind blowing, it sure makes you glad you're saved!! I look at all the beauty the good Lord puts in front of me everyday and wonder how people miss the love of God. Then I haul hay all day in this blistering heat and wonder how people miss the judgement of God. I guess Christians just naturally pick up on all this symbolism and see the spiritual side of everything. When you work in agriculture, God just shows up. He may be found in a beautiful sunrise or a rainbow after a good rain. I see Him when a mother cow licks her new baby off, or in a wheat field waving in the wind. Looking up at the sky on a moonless night never ceases to amaze me. Can't imagine how anyone could think this world showed up by chance. Well, cottonpicker is plumb smooth wore out so I'm calling it a day. Till next time, adios.