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Thursday, May 20, 2010

People are like cow turds...and vise versa

Was visiting my favorite spot the other day....a windmill about a mile from the house. Karli has decided this too is her favorite place to visit, so we frequent this spot about three times each day. She likes to watch the windmill turn and the dogs run through the mud. If we time it just right, the cows will be there watering and she gets a kick out of that. One afternoon, on one of our adventures, I happened to notice all the piles of turds lying about and couldn't help but notice how different they all were....yeah, I kinda need to get a life. Their appearance, depended on the journey they had taken till they landed there. Some were splattered all over, and some almost looked artistic, as if they had been sculpted. Don't ask me where these thoughts come mind can be a scary place. They reminded me of people I've come across over the years. I've met saints well into their eighties that didn't look a day past sixty, and some poor folks that look like they'd been rode hard and put up wet that were in their 20's. I certainly don't plan on winning any beauty contests before I'm laid to rest but I hope that an inner beauty will show that the struggles in my life were met with courage and dignity and a willingness to help others get through the turds of their lives. Till next time, adios