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Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Madness......

You bet I was in the big middle of all that....wouldn't miss it for nothin! The way we work this deal, is the day before, which would be Thanksgiving, right after dinner, all us cousins pull out out the store adds and start a tactical logistics plan to maximize our dollars spent in the shortest distance possible. This year, we had 82 at our little family get- together so we had a battle plan that would shame our military.....the most important rule we follow has nothing to do with being courteous or tactful, but to have fun. We compare deals, clip coupons to maximize early bird specials, and then compare the percentage of Christmas Shopping successfully completed. After the crafts fair, we all meet for hot chocolate and brag about all our big deals.....then we hug each other bye and start our diet and exercise program to get in shape for next year's shopping extravaganza. Tomorrow I start wrapping, undecorating the fall decorations and start cleaning and preparing for Christmas. Baking will start when that whole mess is cleaned up... Well peeps, it's been a long day and I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving and successful black friday.....till next time, adios.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Growing up or just old.....

As I sit here sipping my eggnog, in the quiet of the afternoon, I am forced or maybe even privileged to recall how the day started out not so quiet. Early on, I had seven people wandering about, drinking coffee and getting ready to start chores, vaccinate the tail end of the cattle we'll be putting on wheat next week, and loading up horses to check the cattle we just put out on wheat. There is never a dull moment at my house and for that I am thankful....I'm too ADHD to begin my knitting lessons just yet and actually thrive on drama and adrenaline. If the drama ever gets to be too much, I am happy to retreat.....not scared.... just old.
I love my life right now.....the kids are growing up and starting lives of their own, and that gives me an incentive to ponder what I'll be when I grow up. I've always felt jipped somehow, not believing I ever had the choice of following a passion. After high school I was never asked or encouraged to go to collage - just told I needed to get me a job and start living and thus started years of wreck less living and bad choices. I realize now, however, that at my age, no matter what career path I would have chosen, I would be right here in this place with grown children and grandchildren. I've mothered kids for 25 years now and my life has been dictated by those who needed me the most each day. I have grown comfortable with myself, my abilities and lack thereof, and have the confidence to defend what's right, against those who choose wrong.....and won't apologize for that. I have no one to impress and am accountable only to Him who created me and those who He has given me to be in relationship with. I know my job here on this earth is not done and want to make the most out of each day I'm given. I've been around enough people to know who I want to be more like and those I don't want to be anything like; and the older I get, the more cut and dry that becomes. I know what is important and what is not and if it's not going to matter in 50 years, don't worry about it.... if that makes me uncaring or "insensitive" get over it. People invest too much time on worthless projects that have no eternal value. My life is well more than half over and I simply don't want to waste anymore of it dwelling on the past that I can't change or the future that I really don't have any power over. Here lately, I've been going through my house, pitching anything I don't like, won't wear, hate to look at, or simply have outgrown no matter how much "value" I once placed on it. I've done that with my life and mind as well. There are experiences I need to forget, wrongs forgiven, and people of the past that need to be forgotten. The more simple my life and my house become, the better I like it. I choose to surround myself with what is beautiful and what will last forever. I am now who I always wanted to be......almost. Till next time..adios!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

From a Full Quiver to an Empty nest.....

Ah Fall...the time of year when life begins to slow down....really? This year seems like I've tried to squeeze 20 pounds of taters in a 10 pound sack...especially the past couple months or so. We will be hauling hay up till Thanksgiving, we have almost a thousand head of cattle in the feedlot, just now got our calves weaned, had our daughter's wedding at the house last weekend, Jake's wedding in January....and the holidays are upon us - that's okay though; it'll give me something to think about when I'm 80, sitting on the front porch knitting socks..... Add Image

Weddings are always unpredictable...doesn't matter how much or how little planning is involved, something always happens that makes the day memorable! The most humbling though, is the friends and family who threw in their time, resources and talents to make this day happen. My sweet brother, put on a feed that will not soon be forgotten. He brought his right hand man Pat, homemade smoker, coolers full of ribs, pork loin, and brisket, poured on his famous secret rub and cooked all afternoon.
Dirtroad Scrapper graciously dropped off a pickup load of mums from wal-mart on her way home, Ranchwife who is now affectionately called "The Ciderwoman" brought a potload of beans, whooped up several gallons of the best spiced cider I've ever had and kept the wedding, and me on tract. We had people bringing in potato salad, wedding cakes, decorations, setting up tables and all were smiling! The weather even cooperated a little....still a tad chilly but that's November in New Mexico for ya! Hope you have a blessed week! Till next time, adios!