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Monday, March 30, 2009

And on the 8th day, Mamaw rested!

What a weekend!! Loved every minute of it, but now that it's monday, the possibilities are endless! Had kids coming and going.... eating and drinking.....sleeping, working and playing...and's quiet. Katie left Karli with me this weekend so she could check out a local college in a neighboring town. It's been quite a while since I slept with a baby in my bed...human that is and that made for an interesting night. Between her and two little "bedhog" dogs, the fifteen minutes sleep I got was wonderful. The second night went a little better. I had a "come to Jesus meeting" with Ladybug and Slack and they finally decided to cooperate - threatening to kick them out in the cold had nothing to do with their decision. Ben was able to spend a little time with the family before he headed out to Santa Fe this morning for combat training. He will be there for the next month. Jake came home for spring break and we always have drop ins throughout the weekend - so my stove stayed hot and my sink, full of dishes. Forgot how much food it takes to feed teenagers but I love having a full house!! Well, gotta go. Karli has this walking business down to a science. So glad I'm so fit and trim....huff, huff... and in top physical shape...wheeze, gasp...or I'd never keep up with her.... till next time, adios!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

March 19th 1986

Twenty-three years ago today, at 8:02 am, my life changed forever. It's hard to believe that this young man was once a 6lb. 9oz. bundle of pure joy....and mischief. And just as it is with most mothers, Ben's arrival into this world was indeed love at first sight. Lots of water has passed under the bridge in those 23 years. Sometimes the water was muddy, other times clear. At times it has been turbulent and occasionally calm....but always bubbling. In a few short weeks, he will be heading to Afghanistan for a tour of duty that he has waited a lifetime for. I guess every child is born with a God given desire for something. Some kids dream of being farmers or ranchers....Ben has always loved guns and reconnaissance. This is Ben's ride for the next couple of weeks. He is the medic for his unit and he is taking some of the 150 "kids" to various doctor's appointments before they deploy.
He will leave the day after Mother's Day....but at least I have Mother's Day. Until now, I've prayed for other mother's sons, daughters and husbands....I now have an investment in this war and you better believe my prayer life will be different. I now understand what sacrifice really is and the high price many families have paid for our freedoms since this nation was born. Say a prayer for our soldiers and their families tonight. Somewhere, there is a mother wondering how her son or daughter is getting along...and a mother's heart never changes. Till next time, adios.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Here Comes Karli Kottontail...

Yep, Easter is indeed almost here....only five weeks away, but who's counting! The wind is blowing a steady fify miles an hour outside, so we are entertaining ourselves inside the confines of the bunny barn!

There's always a wienie dog trying to steal your thunder....and your ears!

Okay Slack...

From now till Easter, we will be passing the bunny ears around.....stay posted!