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Monday, July 27, 2009

It's Chaves County Fair Time Again!!

This is Karli's first county this blog is going to be all about the awesome wonderful smells, sounds, and textures thereof......!

Sheep don't look quite so big from here!!

This is cousin Sterling's steer!!

What does the chicken say??

These are much a whole lot funner to hold than to read about!!

He likes mud almost as much as Karli...but not quite!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Spiritual significance of a computer virus.

Just got my computer back from the computer doctor. Apparently it contracted a nasty virus that was some kind of something to get rid of. The hard drive had to be taken out and put into another machine to scan that sucker out. Not unlike what has been happening in our family for the past few months....thus I've been out of the blogging circle. If I'd of scanned my computer daily like I was supposed to, updated my anti-virus, spy ware, kick butt worm annihilator software, this would have never happened. I would have protected my computer from all the nasty stuff being thrown at it on a daily basis. Just like our lives.....daily I need to scan, or reflect on the day and see if the enemy has infected any of my family members with any "viruses" and when I recognize them......wipe them out immediately!
There has been some praises amidst all the chaos. My soldier is heading to Utah for shoulder surgery . He was supposed to have deployed to Afghanistan three weeks ago but tore all kinds of stuff up in his shoulder. Then they shipped him to Fort Knox, Kentucky for surgery but decided he needed to go to Utah.....don't get me started.....government intelligence is an oxymoron. He is still engaged to be married September 25th 2010. I believe I have time to prepare for that event. While he is recuperating from surgery, he will take some online college courses and will be close to completing his BS degree in science. God does work in mysterious ways.
We've had some rain come our way....thankyou Lord!! Keep it coming!!
Please keep my family in prayer, especially my daughter Katie who is going thru some stuff, that the Lord will continue to have His hand on her. We need wisdom and discernment to keep ahead of the enemy who is always at work.
When the dust settles, I'll be back....keep your mud boots might get deep! Till next time, adios.