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Saturday, August 30, 2008

"On the seventh day He rested"

Well, it's indeed the seventh day and I too am going to rest. Life can be hard and unpredictable, but God is good. He has shown His mighty hand in the lives of several friends and family this week; and in the days in which we live, it seems like every family we know is going through something monumental; testing faith and trust. I've had a little bit of trouble in that area myself. Being the control freak that I am, I seem to always be trying to advise the Lord in areas I know nothing about.
Went to town yesterday, and should have had the flashers going, warning everyone there was a mamaw on the loose, and she might be armed and dangerous. I had several things I needed to do, had already put in a full day and was about as friendly as a horny toad. Well, I backed out and ran over the cat....yessserrrii bob....this is going to be a fun day!! Got to to the grocery debit card and only enough cash to pick up the green chili I was after in the first place. Called Katie and she was headed to town - said she would meet me at the farm store with my card. Meanwhile, I headed out to Hobson's Gardens to get my yearly supply of roasted chili, and was two bucks short...good thing we haul all their hay - Got home one piece, got a few groceries, twenty gallons of water, got my chili put up and and I think I'll make some chili rellenos today for dinner. Got a green chili stew on the's a cloudy, cool morning and that just sounds good to me. Till next time...adios!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Bless Sarah's pea-pickin' heart!

It's 11:00 am and I've yet to get my clothes on. What am I doing sitting here blogging instead of all the necessary stuff that lies before me?? This is day three of "Operation Mamaw" in which I care for my daughter's three month old while she's in school. I have forgotton how much work babies are. After the third bottle and four chorus' of the "cuppy-cake song", I thought of Abraham's wife Sarah. At age 99 she became eligible for her yearly "Mother's Day" card and as I'm trying to get dinner ready for the hay-hauling crew, fold clothes, and do my normal morning chores, while trying to get a sleepy, but clearly not cooperating baby down for a desperately needed nap, I was wondering how Sarah managed to "keep up". Karli threw her first out-right, no holes barred, out of the park, temper fit this morning. They say that a baby rattlesnake's venom is just as dangerous as a big snake's. Well, I think in those terms, that estrogen levels of baby girls are just as potent as a full grown woman's - maybe even more so. She come undone now..... not to worry....this is not my first rodeo. Now back to Sarah....what was she thinking?? I 'm not EVEN going to pretend to understand God's ways, or his timing....but as for me and my household, timing is EVERYTHING! And.... time is getting away from me. I have a lot to do before the little princess wakes up and starts ruling her kingdom with an iron fist. Till next time. adeos.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New Beginnings

Most of the world recognizes January 1st as the day of new beginnings. We start organizing our business ledgers for the upcoming year, start diets, shed bad habits, start exercise regimens and all sorts of new firsts to ensure the new year starts on the right foot. Great-great-grandmother Lillian even brings us over a can of black-eyed peas and expects each member of the family to choke down at least one pea for "good luck". As autumn approaches, I realize that most new beginnings around my house begins in August. This is the month we prepare to entrust our children to institutes of higher learning at various places to obtain a little white piece of paper so the world will recognize that we have "arrived" - not sure where anymore, but somewhere. I spend more $$ on computers, school supplies, clothes, bedding, appliances, ect. than I do at Christmas. We have invested a lifetime in preparing our kids for this moment - when they drive off by themselves to a new city, new school, new house of which they will be responsible for (scary thought) ; they will have to set up their own class schedule of which they will have the freedom to attend.... or not attend (they so better be in class EVERYDAY). They will have to put themselves to bed (hopefully at a decent hour) get themselves up, fix their own meals if they want to eat, do their own laundry.....well at least keep it gathered up so I can tend to it on weekends, and generally take care of their own sweet selves. No more curfews, kisses out the door with a reminder to be careful coming home, no more "what sounds good for dinner?" or "let's go swimming this afternoon!" Oh well, they can walk out the door, but they always leave good memories that stick around till they come bouncing back home on weekends. Katie has one more year in the Roswell Independent School District, of which I'm not real sad. Highschool is a scary place in the times we live in and I'll be glad when she is out of that environment known as a ses pool. I will have the privilege of watching little Karli all day - that will be a first. I've started my geritol regimen in hopes I'll be up to the challenge of a baby all day. No worries..... Ben will be leaving for Afganistan in March so we've already begun getting him ready for deployment. He finished 2nd in his Airborne school this past weekend and has two more schools to go to before he earns his wings. Then he's planning to go to Wisconsin in January for a refresher course in his combat medic field. I'm proud of the way the Good Lord is working in the lives of my kids, preparing them for what lies ahead, and the fact that He still let's me be somewhat involved in the preparation process. Me..... my new beginnings start afresh each day - that's the only way I can survive sanity. Lamentations 3:23 - "Through the Lord's mercies we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness." Till next time, adios.