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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pictures to Afghanistan

Ben was wanting some recent pictures sent and this is the fastest way to get them that far.
I'm sending some letters by traditional mail but here are some pictures randomly selected, in no particular we go.

Little Banjo....playing in my flowers.
No fence too tall for our little monkey!

Time out for a kiss!

Jake and his antelope.

Smelling the fall flowers!

Me and Karli out for a 4-wheeler ride!

Dad and his new horse. This was taken at the Capitan ranch rodeo.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Meet Banjo!!

The add is what caught my eye...."Little bitty, teeny weenie, hot little digitty dogs" could I resist?? It wouldn't hurt, just to call and inquire......afterall, Ross had just asked me that morning if I knew anybody that had weenie dogs for sale...and being the obedient, submissive wife that I tend never to be except just this once, I called. Wouldn't ya know it....they had only one male in the whole litter...poor little guy - hen pecked so early in his little life. Somebody needed to save him from a life of ......ya know....being drowned alive in a sea of hormones. Come to think of it....I should be that somebody! No....I'm just not over my Slack baby. How long is the proper mourning period for a beloved pet anyway? Maybe my bellydancer has had another litter and Ranchwife and I can sail on down to the panhandle of Texas for another adventure. Well, doggone....yes they've had a couple of litters but they won't be ready for another 5 weeks...and Ross just won't be able to hang on that long. He's already been in sackcloth and ashes since the whole tragic thing happened. Ross must be completely overcome with grief....he just handed me $200.00 and told me to go get him a weenie dog! This has NEVER happened. I must do as I am told. Ross is the head of this household...and if a little weenie dog is what he wants, then I must into the wilderness of Texas....without Ranchwife to guide me....or buy the donuts. Just me and little Karli, a diaper bag and $200.00. I hope Ross appreciates me for this act of kindness...afterall he's gone through though, it's the very least I can do for him. He named the puppy "Pistol Packing Pete" but I call him "Banjo" for short. And I am letting him sleep in my bed, you know.... so Ross won't have to fuss with a puppy all night. I even let Ross hold him once in a while....while I'm washing dishes, taking out the trash.....I'm just so glad Ross finally got himself a weenie dog!! Till next time, adios!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm gonna miss you!!

Lost my little wiener dog today.....there are no words. Till next time, adios.