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Monday, December 7, 2009

Twas A Night....

Twas a night in December, we were all sawing logs, not a critter was stirring not even my dogs.....the leftovers were stored in the icebox with care, in hopes that a branding crew would not soon be here. The cattle were nestled all snug in their pens, while memories of warmer days haunted their dreams. The kids were all home from their lives far away and Karli just wanted to piddle and play. When out in the yard there arose a commotion, a skunk was again outside taking a notion. Away to the window, I tripped over clutter, I closed all the windows and tried not to mutter. The moon looking down on the fresh fallen snow, gave my dogs the advantage to chase off their foe. The skunk had the last word, the dogs he did drench, what do you do with dogs covered in stench?? The night finally ended, I'm glad that it's done, Merry Christmas to all, now wasn't that fun? Till next time, adios.