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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's Good to be home!

Well now, lets's been a while since the last post which was.....can't remember back that far. Guess that means it's been long enough. Yes indeedy, we went cruising to the land where Mexicans can, and are willing to speak English. Too bad we had to travel thousands of miles to find out that fact, but that's all I'm gonna say about that. The bathing suit...yeah it fit and I really shouldn't have been so self-conscious about that whole ordeal....all my important parts were well covered with the exception of those few parts that got broiled, blistered and downright crispy crittered. Not for me to judge, but some of our fellow cruisers should have been a little more courteous. There are just some body parts that NOBODY needs to be subjected to unless under the care of a licensed professional. They obviously took the phrase "what happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico" a bit too literal.....and that's all I'm going to say about that. All in all it was a fantastic get-a-way. We saw ancient pyramids, swam in pristine water, met some very flavorful folks, and just enjoyed each other away from life and living. We did however experience a little excitement on the last leg of our cruise that tickles me now but caused me to make sure my relationship with Jesus is in good standing. Not really sure what happened....only the captain knows for sure and he's not talking. At 12:55 pm, on the last full day, our boat suddenly listed, they say 12 degrees....whatever. All I know it was shear panic for those with a fresh drink in their hands. The swimming pools and hot tubs emptied out completely....people and all. The gift shops, liquor shops, bars....any shop with lots of glass was trashed, and the dining halls looked like a grade school food fight was in full swing. Ross and I were on the Serenity Deck which means no obnoxious, ill-behaved children were allowed. We had purposely on purpose left our sweet,well behaved children at be it. Anyhoo, for about two minutes, we were deciding if we should save the bucket of beer if we went over or just save might come in handy if we had to float for too long. Funny how nobody remembered to go to their "designated area" in case of an emergency. People just grabbed their life jackets in one hand, their beer in the other and hoped for the best. People have a strange way of dealing with life-threatening situations, no matter how small. Shortly, everything righted itself and life on a floating city was back to normal. There was a heart-attack victim, several broken bones and a few got stitched up...luckily there was 200 nurses on board for a convention....and after the free party in the Starlight Lounge, I was feeling pretty good about the whole incident. Looking back, Ross had wanted to just do an all-inclusive vacation at a resort. But after the Haiti earthquake,I just couldn't bring myself to stay in some tall building built by who knows who. I figured I would be much safer in a boat....Till next time, adios