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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Why do we love'em!

Picture this..... a 46 year old woman running through the pasture.... five miles from home...chasing a dumb little wiener dog.... yelling "don't make me chase you!!!!" Gasp.. wheeze... choke... get your butt back to the pickup!! I mean it.....gasp.....I'm not going to chase you!!! Are wiener dogs deaf? Do they not understand they would only be a small snack for a hungry coyote?? And just why do we care so much? I kinda doubt he would do anything remotely close to that for me...although he growled when the cows came up to the pickup....but was he REALLLY trying to protect me or just showing off within the safe confines of a big four wheel drive pickup? Face it..dogs are just dogs. I don't care if you pay a small fortune for one or pick one up off the highway...they are just dogs and it is our responsibility to love them, feed them, bath them and clean up after know...kinda like a husband......well not really. Leaving you with an old photo of my dumb wiener dog just to remind myself why I love the little scamp..till next time, adios.

This would be Slack after he did his wiener dog duty chasing a skunk.....