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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Well girls, I got me a HOT date tonight!!

That's right...a hot date....that will include a hot bath, with a cup of hot tea and lots of theragesic slathered all over the body parts that will hurt tomorrow. Ross trucked in the first load of feeder calves this morning and before they could turn around twice, they were herded into the chute for a round of shots, a brand and a new ear tag. My job is to keep the chute full of cattle and eartag. During the past six months, Mamaw has been head cook and bottle washer and the calloused hands that I once had are now as soft as the baby's bottom I powder and lotion every day - The steers worked up quick fast and in a hurry - the heifers however, thought it would be fashionable to enter the chute backwards. I think females of all persuasions, whether they be human, bovine, canine or feline always have a better idea on how to do things, especially irritate. To add to the mix, our little wienie dog became a self-proclaimed cowdog and nobody had the heart to tell him otherwise. There's no telling how many miles that little dog ran between the chute and the next pen, but he's sure a sleepy pup tonight. To add insult to injury, he got a bath before he was allowed into the house. He had accumulated all kinds of delicious smells and was offended when all that hard work went down the drain. Tomorrow is business as usual with the exception of taking little Karli for her 6 month shots - how fun is that - this time though, she will be big enough to hit the local Dairy Queen for an ice creme cone. Till next time, adios.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

There's a jaguar on the loose!

I absolutely hate Halloween and am repulsed by all the gruesome images of death - but I do get a kick out of seeing little ones dressed up in cute costumes and strutting their stuff.`I'm always glad to get this aweful day out of the way so I can focus on the season of Thanksgiving. I love all the holiday baking, the anticipation of seeing kin, and just the giddiness of it all.

`Years ago, on Halloween night, the grandparents from next door would come over and we would have a wienie roast and make smores. The kids loved rounding up the wood and getting a fire started. Some years we near froze our ornaments off . We would stand facing the fire while the back side froze - then turned around till our buns were pun intended. Now most of my brood are off making their own memories. Grandpa and I had frito pie, apple cobbler and enjoyed playing with our little jaguar.

`Today, I'm cleaning up my flower beds for next year. Karli and Grandpa brought me a bucket load of cow manure and I'm "enriching" the soil - we have mostly gyp dirt out here so all my dirt is imported from my brother's farm in Dexter. It's hard to have farmer blood living on a ranch sometimes but it's all good in the end - you have the best of both worlds. Ya'll be good - till next time, adios.