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Monday, April 25, 2011

Whoa Mule!

Tomorrow officially starts the beginning of the 2011 hay season....a day I have mixed feelings about. Once into the swing of things, I generally can hang with the best of them. It's the getting started part that I have trouble with. Time is not my friend...neither is gravity. Climbing in and out of trucks and loaders makes stocks in Advil soar....slight exaggeration but I will be a tad bit on the stiff and sore side for the first two weeks into this adventure. I love this job for two reasons.....I work with my family and work for good, down to earth farmers that are decent and as hard-working as we are. They help us help them any chance they get. Karli has also grown up in a hay field. She started her career at a year old and she's fixing to be three. Not sure she's gonna fit behind the steering wheel of the loader this year. She may ride shotgun in my truck this long as there's cold drinks and a snack or two, she's game! She hasn 't forgot we always get ice cream when we're done either - a treat she earns for hanging tough even when she's hot and tired. On the homefront, we have another bunch of baby calves that need branded before long, and we're still feeding cows - till it starts raining. We're still trying to get a house placed on the 100 acres before Jake's graduation the middle of May, and there's always yard work waiting or woman's work that needs done. I think that's why the good Lord instructs us to live one day at a time....I think I'll take His advise and drink me a glass of iced tea....till next time, adios!


Marli and Memory said...

Hay time is my favorite! I enjoy going every year to my neighbors hay fields and helping bring the bales in to the barn. In return, they give us a discount on hay for our horses. It's defintely hard work, but it's also great fellowship with neighbors and buddies too! I love it!
Blessings to you on Tuesday!!

Marli and Memory said...

Thanks for your sweet birthday wishes too! I had a wonderful day. :) I also thought about your words later on in the afternoon... they encourage me to live more in the moment and enjoy the age I am. :)
Thanks again!

Ranch wife said...

Whoo Hoo Hay day has arrived!!!! By the looks of the grass those hay farmers are gona do very well this year.