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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Weddings, Dogbites and Revenuers

Well, I guess since we visited last, my cup surely has runneth over. My life is a rollercoaster that just won't stop. All in all, through the blessings and heartaches, one thing has never wavered...and that is the Lord has never left my side. Thankyou Jesus! On November 12, 2010, my baby girl Katie Carpenter traded her last name for a young man named Jeremy Ragland. We had a short and sweet ceremony at the house and my ranchwomen friends and family made this day very special. They are now expecting a sweet little girl in September! On January 15, 2011, my son Jake, took Kassie Shelko to be his bride and I was blessed with another daughter who I love dearly. They got married in Clovis, NM and went Cozumel for their honeymoon. They will be moving back to the ranch when Jake graduates college in May.

Then on February 22nd, our little grandaughter was was bit by our 9 yr old boxer. He was a part of our family and had never given us reason to think he was dangerous. I was bringing groceries in when it happened, and in two shakes we were headed to town quick, fast and in a hurry. He bit plumb down to the muscle and Karli required surgery to sew this gash up. The surgeon did a marvelous job and you would hardly know it ever happened.

We are now in the process of moving a Solitare home to the 100 acres my dad gave me a few months back. This has been nothing short of a logistical nightmare. I truly believe running shine has fewer permits that getting this house the meantime, God is good...all the time and till next time, adios!


Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Oh. My. Gosh. No wonder we haven't heard a thing from you. First of all, congrats to all of the newlyweds and to you for your additions to the family. I am happy to say my anniversary is Nov. 12th too!!

That precious Karli is getting so big...I cannot believe that gash on her sweet little face. Wow. Praise God she is doing better...
Can't wait to hear about the house...miss you lots but so happy to hear from ya!!! Will be praying for you and your house ordeal. Take care!!!

Marli and Memory said...

Such sweet pictures!
I'm a new follower... I look forward to reading your blog! :)

Ranch wife said...

Changes.......They are what they are. :)